Enjoy more advanced technology without installing more office equipment

Virtualisation allows you to do more with less by separating resources and services from the underlying physical delivery of those services. Let’s take, for example, a business that requires 12 servers to operate efficiently. You have to allot two or more physical CPUs for each and a separate space in the server rack. But with virtualisation, you could run 12 servers with just two computers, substantially saving you space and expenses.

Virtualisation techniques can be applied to other aspects of your business IT as well, including networks, storage, memory, operating systems, and applications. Best of all, implementing a virtual infrastructure into your business is non-disruptive, since using your computers will be no different than it is now. Virtual infrastructure also gives administrators the advantage of managing pooled resources across your business, allowing IT managers to be more responsive to changing business needs and better leverage infrastructure investments.

Virtualisation from Murdoch Technology gives your business the power to:

  • Improve application performance – with rapid provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Get back on track after a disaster – with simplified recovery solutions
  • Increase utilisation – by consolidating your servers and reducing hardware needs
  • Go green – fewer servers mean lower electricity bills

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